Top-Quality Gas Logs

There are few things that evoke the same emotional response as the warmth and sound of a flickering fire. What if you could enjoy this comfort without all of the time-consuming, back-breaking work that accompanies a wood fire? What if you could prepare a fire every night without worrying about soot and ashes in your home? WilliamSmith Fireplaces in Charleston is ready to share all of the benefits of a fire started on gas logs with you. There are several options from which to choose. These include large, custom-built masonry units, burner systems for see-through fireboxes and coal-burning units. We offer both direct-vent and vent-free systems.

A few of the brands we stock:

  • Astria
  • Superior
  • RH Peterson
  • Empire

What You Can Expect From Our Selection

Your home and situation are unique. There’s no other home and family dynamic exactly like yours. We understand that when you want to buy fireplace gas logs, you may need some suggestions regarding which would be best. We carry systems that offer warmth, beauty or a combination of both. We’ll handle the installation for you, so that your natural flames will burn cleanly and conveniently.