Installing Quality Chimney Tops

Attractive covers, such as shrouds, are used to prevent rain, snow and ice from getting into your home. The protective covers are also used to keep birds and other animals out. Constructed from sturdy, rust-resistant metal, the protective covering is a powerful part of keeping your home safe and your flue operational. We understand that a chimney top can also be a decorative addition to your roof. We offer a selection of decorative caps that surpass the simple rectangular shape of traditional tops.

Designs & Features

✓ Standard Design Shroud
✓ Concave Design Shroud
✓ Extended Concave Design Shroud
✓ Bishop’s Arch
✓ Chimney Pot
✓ Pre-Painted
✓ Scratch-Resistant
✓ Black Paintable Model
✓ Copper Model