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Gas Grills

Gas GrillsOutdoor Kitchen

Prepping Your Grill for the Grilling Season

For many of us, our outdoor grills haven't seen the light of day all winter, and now that spring is finally here, we're starting to unpack all the summer toys, which includes our grill. However, you probably don't want to just pull it out of storage and immediately start using it, as that could be a potential safety hazard. Instead, here are four things you should do first in order to be as safe as…
April 21, 2019
Gas GrillsOutdoor Kitchen

How to Winterize Your Gas Grill

Now that we've fully entered the winter season, most of us won't spend nearly as much time using our gas grills as we do during the rest of the year. In fact, you may not even use your grill at all throughout the winter. Whether its use doesn't decrease at all in winter, or its usage drops all the way down to zero, there are a few things you'll want to do to winterize your…
November 26, 2018