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What to Look For When Buying A New Gas Fireplace

By March 26, 2019February 18th, 2021No Comments

What to Look For When Buying A New Gas Fireplace. Unlike traditional masonry fireplaces, gas fireplaces don’t need a chimney; they can be vented directly out through the wall, which helps them burn much more efficiently. Beyond that, they also help reduce pollution as they produce zero particles when compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. However, not all options are the same. When you’re buying a new gas fireplace, there are a few important factors you should consider before making a selection. 

  1. Ease of Control: These days, more often than not you’ll see gas fireplaces that are controlled using a remote control. They allow you to set the temperature to your exact specifications, as well as setting a schedule to turn on and off, even when you’re not home. Even better than this is finding one with a pilot light that’s controlled by a remote. Turning the pilot light on and off can be tricky, and often requires a technician to do it for you, but a remote-controlled pilot light will make your life significantly easier. 
  2. Design: Design is obviously something that is very subjective. But overall, you’ll want to get a fireplace that matches and fits in nicely with your home decor that you already have. 
  3. Purpose: Why are you buying a gas fireplace? Just to look pretty? To heat your entire home? The answer to this question will help guide you in making the right purchase decision. You may not need a fireplace capable of pumping out heat like there’s no tomorrow, or you might, and these choices will ultimately have a big impact on your final decision. 
  4. Efficiency: Today’s gas fireplaces allow for maximum efficiency, and should capitalize on radiant heat technology. Radiant heat is distributed across the room and is then absorbed by the items it comes into contact with. The heat is then dispersed evenly through the room, which ensures the room is heated evenly, rather than one side being cold while the other side is burning up. 
  5. Independent of Power: A good gas fireplace will still work, even when the power goes out. Trust me, no one wants to be left in the dark on a cold night with no fireplaces to keep them warm when the power goes out.