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Woodburning Fireplaces

Burn Your Firewood More Efficiently

By February 8, 2019No Comments

During these long winter months, we tend to use our fireplaces much more often, and, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, the cost of firewood can begin to add up pretty quickly. That’s why it’s important to use wood-burning methods that will conserve as much of it as possible, allowing it to last for a much longer time, and in turn, lead to you spending less money on more and more firewood. Below is a list of some great tips to burn your firewood more efficiently: 

  • Keep firewood dry. Do this by storing it off the ground outdoors, with something to cover the top of the wood pile. 
  • Try to only burn wood that’s dry, as opposed to wet or soggy firewood. 
  • If you choose to burn manufactured logs, only use logs made of 100% compressed sawdust. 
  • Keep the fire doors closed on your wood-burning fireplace to help keep the heat in. 
  • Clean and maintain your chimney(s). This will reduce the risk of a chimney fire, as well as providing good draft. 
  • Once a fire is built, ensure that its heat is maintained; smoldering fires or embers don’t put out enough heat to keep anyone warm, as well as being extremely inefficient. 
  • DO NOT BURN: wood that has been painted, coated, pressure treated, or have glue on it. Additionally, don’t burn household trash like old magazines, cardboard, or plastics. 
  • Consider double checking to ensure any fireplaces or furnaces that you do buy are certified to meet EPA emission standards. 

Overall, if you do follow all of these tips, you’ll notice the firewood that you burn will last much longer than if you didn’t follow these recommendations.