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Mantels & Surrounds

How to Pick the Right Stone for Your Mantelpiece

By January 9, 2019No Comments

If you’re beginning the process of building a new fireplace, or potentially remaking an existing fireplace, you’re likely trying to decide which material you want your mantelpiece to be constructed out of. There are a handful of different factors you need to consider before making your final decision on a particular material, such as: budget, durability, maintenance, and of course, aesthetic. 

A stone such as marble can be perfect for a sleek, more modern look, but it can also crack and chip easily, so repairs and maintenance can sometimes become expensive. Slate can be perfect if you’re hoping for a rather rustic appearance. It does require somewhat regular cleaning, but is also one of the most durable material option out there aside from granite. In contrast, limestone is a very popular choice due to its versatility. Depending on how it’s carved, it can have an elegant and formal style, or a more rustic appearance. The cleaning process for limestone can sometimes be rather difficult, so that’s definitely something to consider. Granite is perfect for a clean, contemporary look. It’s extremely durable as well as being relatively easy to clean. 

Regardless of what kind of look you’re going for, or what your budget is, WilliamSmith Fireplaces can help make your mantel the centerpiece of any room. Give us a call, and we’ll get started crafting your dream mantelpiece.