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Hot Home-Buying Trends

By December 11, 2018February 18th, 2021No Comments

Hot Home-Buying Trends. If you’re in the market for either buying a new home, or updating/renovating your current living space, you might be interested in knowing about some of the features that others are asking for in their new space.

As you might have guessed, outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, are an extremely hot commodity right now. Virtually everyone in the market is hoping to find a place with these features, or looking to incorporate them into their own ideas if they plan on building a new house from scratch. Sometimes these outdoor kitchens are as simple as a patio area with a grill, while other times they include entire island pieces, usually made from granite, with a gas grill built into the center of the island, along with multiple sets of stainless steel double doors beneath the counter for storage, and sometimes even a small refrigerator built in as well. Outdoor fireplaces could simply mean having a place for a fire-pit in the backyard, or as elaborate as a gas, wood-burning, or electric fireplace built into the side of a partially covered outdoor patio, complete with beautiful brick or stucco exteriors and outdoor patio furniture. Regardless of style or budget, it seems nearly everyone is trying their hardest to extend the amount of time they can truly use their entire yard, especially throughout the winter. 

Another common item most buyers are looking for is a wide-open floor plan. More often than not, the kitchen is the de-facto centerpiece of the home, and more and more, buyers want their kitchen, dining room, and living/family room, to all feel like they are a part of one giant room. It helps everything feel more connected. And, usually, these giant rooms include a fireplace to be the central gathering place for family and guests. Recently, we’ve noticed a shift more towards electric fireplaces, rather than gas or wood-burning. This is most likely due to the fact that electric fireplaces are extremely easy to install (relative to gas or wood-burning), can help save on your heating bill by choosing to use the fireplace, rather than central heat, to warm your home, and of course, because they look beautiful; they’re very aesthetically pleasing, providing a more modern, sophisticated look, as opposed to a rustic or old-timey feeling. 

So, if you happen to be in the market for a new home, or have been thinking about renovating your current home, it’s always nice to be aware of the styles and trends that are hot right now, just in case you realize you too would like to incorporate them into your future plans.