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Choosing The Right Mantelpiece

By October 1, 2018No Comments

When building or redesigning a room in your home, and you decide to add a fireplace, choosing the right mantelpiece to surround it can be just as important of a decision as the type of fireplace itself. Oftentimes, we assume a mantelpiece is solely for aesthetic purposes to improve the look of the room. However, they’re usually used as a shelf for cute family photos, as well as holiday or seasonal decorations. Depending on how what you’re planning on placing on the mantle top, the depth of the mantel will vary, which is an important concept you need to factor in to your decision. 

Another factor to take into consideration is the intricacy of the details, something that is often hand-carved into the mantel, and that level can also vary based on the material being used, such as wood, concrete, metal, brick, or various types of stone like granite, marble, slate, and limestone. Which option you want to go with is likely effected heavily by the decor already being used in the room, and the overall style of the home itself. 

Additionally, the size of the room, and, correspondingly, the physical size of the fireplace, will have a huge impact on the size and style of the mantelpiece. Too large of a mantelpiece will draw too much attention to it, seemingly overpowering the room. Inversely, if the mantelpiece is too small, it will generally come off as awkward and unplanned. The last thing to consider is if you plan on having a highly unique fireplace, it may not need a mantelpiece at all, but those instances are pretty rare. No matter what your budget, or decorating style, WilliamSmith Fireplaces will be sure to guide you through the whole process and ensure your fireplace is surrounded by the best mantelpiece possible to improve your home.