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Turning Your House Into A Home

By September 13, 2018No Comments

All over the world, installing a fireplace is considered one of the best ways to add an additional layer of coziness to make everyone even more comfortable in your home. And why wouldn’t it be? There are a multitude of reasons why, but no matter what, installing a fireplace isn’t a decision to be taken lightly; you should really do some research, or come visit our showroom and speak with an expert, and think about what type of fireplace you want to go with beforehand. After all, this is a big decision. 

Fireplaces are extremely safe, as federal regulations have required manufacturers to follow specific safety guidelines on all products they produce. This especially applies to gas and electric units, but those that are wood-burning are still exceptionally safe. Generally speaking, they’re relatively easy to install.

Almost all homes are built in such a way that, if you wanted to install a new fireplace, you wouldn’t need to completely remodel the whole house, or even the room its’ being installed in, especially electric & vent-free gas units.

Obviously fireplaces are a great way to heat your home, but fuel sources are also surprisingly affordable as well. Using an electric model, even at a substantial rate, shouldn’t increase your electricity bill all that much, while bundles of pre-chopped wood logs are relatively inexpensive, and that price usually decreases even further the closer you live to abundant forests. Beyond this, running central heat is one of the most expensive line items on an electricity bill, so using a fireplace, no matter the type, will likely help you keep your heating bills low. 

However, not all homes are built to easily accommodate ALL different types of fireplaces. For instance, if you live in an apartment or shared building of some kind, electric fireplaces are probably the smart way to go, since adding a chimney might not be the easiest task. While for others, you should ensure that gas lines do reach your home, or a gas fireplace probably won’t be the best decision. If you decide to go with a gas fireplaces, your next decision is whether you want to go with a vented fireplace, or vent-free option. Vent-free options draw oxygen from inside the room to keep the fire burning, while vented units come with a sealed combustion system, drawing oxygen from outside, which can ensure the air quality inside the room doesn’t go down. 

The last consideration you need to think about prior to installing a new fireplace is your budget. There are options to fit almost any budget, which can be installed and used regularly in a very economical way. Whereas, if you have a higher budget, there are more luxurious options with features you probably have never even heard of! And remember, because you’ll likely be saving money on your energy bill, your budget might be a tad higher than you originally thought. No matter what your ultimate decision ends up being, installing a new fireplace is a great way to add some warmth (both figuratively and literally) to your home.