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Gas Lamps

The Rise of Landscape Lighting

By July 26, 2018No Comments

One of the most requested landscape features recently has been outdoor lighting. It’s a hot trend right now, and for good reason: the cost of LED lighting has drastically decreased over the last few years, making it a much more affordable feature for those who want to illuminate the exterior of their homes. LED and Halogen lighting is increasing in popularity, but gas lighting is still extremely common in the south, especially in Charleston; it’s just a southern thing.

Certainly consumers choose outdoor lighting for an aesthetic feel, but still the main purpose of installing is for safety, which is why pathway lighting is the most requested installation location. Using a handful of gas lights, or LED or halogen lights, to light walkways and driveways can be a great way to increase visibility at night, as well as add warmth, making your home feel much more inviting from the outside looking in.

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