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Outdoor Kitchen

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Space

By May 21, 2018May 24th, 2018No Comments

Planning the perfect outdoor kitchen requires the consideration of a lot of different factors: location, style, budget, functionality, sociability, etc. You might have a large, sprawling backyard with a couple of patios, and multiple locations to choose from. Or, you might be very limited in square footage, and need to use 100% of the available area in just the right way to maximize what you’re working with. Perhaps you’d like a simple stucco island with a grill and set of doors, or maybe your style more closely mirrors that of a stainless steel grill encased in a stone surround, complete with double doors, sink, and refrigerator. Beyond this, we need to think about adding an outdoor fireplace as well, such as in the picture with this post. Obviously, everyone has their own budgetary concerns to consider.

Regardless of any of these limiting factors, it is absolutely possible to create a beautiful backyard space that everyone will love to spend their spare time around. For example, in the picture featured above, the homeowners were very limited in total usable area. However, through clever planning and an eye for design, they were able to use every inch of the deck to the their advantage. The homeowners don’t have much of a backyard, however they do have a back deck, which is raised about twenty feet off the ground. They installed a small pool, just off the right hand side of the picture, complete with a couple of lounge chairs. Behind where this photo was taken is a small dining table. Then, as you can see in the photo, they installed a brick fireplace and chimney, mounted a TV above it, and added comfortable outdoor furniture to enjoy the warm glow at night. Beyond the fireplace, you can see a small island with a stainless steel gas grill, set of double doors built into stucco with a granite top finish. All told, the deck is less than 500 square feet, but clever design enabled them to build a flawless outdoor experience.